This Year’s Terrible Winter and Reasons to Install Snow Guards Part 1

This year’s winter weather has brought lots of snow and ice to almost every state in the U.S.  We have seen several records broken across the country.  This is our favorite time to get on the road and see how well our products are working and identify buildings that could use a snow retention system.  We came across a business with a very typical standing seam metal roof featuring a converging valley between two roof areas.  Once the snow begins to slide down the roof, this business’ sidewalk becomes impassable.

Building That Needs Snow Guards
The owner of this building has two issues to deal with.  The first is the very real possibility of falling snow and ice hitting pedestrians or vehicles and the liability that comes along with that danger.  The second issue is property damage to his own gutters and standing seams.  Snow and ice has been known to bend and tear stand seams as it slides down converging valleys.  Multiple rows of snow guards can help avoid this situation by holding the upper snow load until it can safely melt.  With no snow retention on the roof, the owner has no protection against the liability or property damage.
In order to protect the building owner, employees, and pedestrians from these dangers, the best solution is to install a professional snow guard system.  We estimated the dimensions and pitch of this roof in a 25psf Ground Snow Load area.  We then used to get a quick estimate of what would be required to solve these issues.  We have two options for attachment with standing seam panels, adhesive mounted pad style snow guards or a seam mounted bar system.  The best option in this case is a simple pad style guard system featuring the SnoBlox Deuce.  It will be the lowest cost system and will be most effective at protecting the valley from seam damage.
These two roof areas could be protected by installing just 2 rows of adhesive mounted SnoBlox Deuce snow guards, one row at the eave and the 2nd row halfway up the roof run.  It would require roughly 42 snow guards and 3 tubes of Surebond, which would only cost around $150 and an hour or two for installation labor.  This system could be installed with clear guards or in a color to match the roof panels.  The adhesive requires 50F or warmer temperatures to cure, but once cured, it will last the life of the roof.  This certified system would be covered by our lifetime warranty against breakage.

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One thought on “This Year’s Terrible Winter and Reasons to Install Snow Guards Part 1

  1. Dante Smith

    Snow guards are not something that is very well known in my area, but funny enough….damaged gutters sure are. lol. Time to order some and be the talk of the cul de sac.


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