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Snow guards are about the last thing on any consumer’s mind, now that the warmth of spring is upon us. Winter’s snow and ice are being forgotten as hats, gloves, and boots are being replaced with windbreakers and sandals. This winter, however, was a big one and should be remembered. If you are a home or building owner, this is the most important time of the year for you to begin thinking about and researching snow retention while it is still fresh in your mind.

Many of our customers assume that we are busiest during the winter months, but that simply is not true. This is due, almost entirely, to the fact that many of our products cannot be installed during the winter. Now that the temperature is beginning to rise, we are heading into the perfect time for installation of our polycarbonate guards with adhesive.  Surebond SB-190 is the industry standard for snow guard installation and the one that we trust for use with our products. Its tensile strength, long life expectancy, and ease of application make it the preferred adhesive here at SnoBlox. Warm temperatures, however, are critical for this adhesive to function properly. Surebond SB-190 requires approximately 28 days at 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) or above in order to achieve a proper cure. While temps below 50 degrees will not harm the adhesive or guards, it will extend the curing time.

Some of our competitors attempt to discredit polycarbonate snow guards with horror stories of failures. The part that they won’t tell you is that these failures are almost always attributed to not obtaining or following a manufacturer’s project-specific spacing layout. Every roof is different and the slightest change in pitch, panel length, or ground snow load can have a major impact on the performance of your system. Not every roof can get away with a single row of guards (regardless of the method of installation). Most projects require multiple staggered rows up the slope of the roof. The main purpose of a high quality snow guard is to hold snow and ice in place, allowing it to melt and then drain into your gutters. This field-style layout allows the weight of the snow and ice to be equally distributed over the entire roof’s surface. Snow guards that are only installed along a roof’s eave are often tasked with playing goalie to heavy, high-momentum snow and ice packs. These fast sliding avalanches will often disengage snow guards from the roof and can also cause them to break. This is considered improper installation and often results in higher costs for repairs than what may have been saved by initially cutting corners.

When planning your snow retention system, the first step should be to visit www.SpacingTool.com. This free and user-friendly site will walk you through creating a proper layout for your project. Simple step-by-step instructions make this process quick and painless. Your project specific layout can be completed in a matter of minutes. An email will be sent directly to you with a shopping list and a pictorial diagram showing the proper spacing for your roof. Once you have finished and selected the snow guard that you will be installing, you can then order directly from www.SnoBlox.com or give us a call at 1-800-766-5291 to speak with one of our friendly sales staff.

Your snow guard order will be processed and shipped out same or next day. Installation instructions are included with every shipment along with a coupon code for any additional products that may be needed to finish the job.


You want to spend your time enjoying this weather and cooking with that expensive grill…not worrying about it getting crushed this winter by sliding snow and ice. Act now and get back to enjoying your spring!

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What Is A Snow Load And How Important Is It?

Proper snow guard layouts are vitally important to ensure a successful installation.  Without a professional layout, customers run the risk of under-designing their system and possible system failure.  Spacingtool.com was created to help architects, homeowners and contractors determine proper guard spacing. Project specific dimensions and local “Ground Snow Loads” are calculated along with the testing strength of the various snow guards to produce a proper layout for snow guards.  This free design service also helps you determine the correct guard recommended for the specific project and panel.

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A Thorough Walk-Through Of SpacingTool.com (Part 3)

Welcome to Part 3 (the final part in our series) of our walk-through of SpacingTool.com. In the last step, we had input the dimension information for the projects multiple roof areas. In the next step, you will be asked to input your contact information and some information about the project such as its location and zip code. One question the our customers normally have trouble with is determining their “Ground Snow Load”. This is a unit of measure for snow that is expressed in “PSF”. You can typically call your local building inspector to obtain this information. You can also elect to use an online service, such as the one at www.groundsnowbyzip.com. At this site, you enter your project location and it does the rest. For our test roof we are going to use Nashville, Tennessee as the project location. Nashville has a ground snow load of 10psf.snowload

Now we can enter the info for our project.


Once completed, click “Calculate”

In the next screen SpacingTool will give you a comparison list of the snow guards that will fit your roof. It will also show the amount of guards and pricing for each style. In our case, however, only one guard will fit this panel. That is the SnoBlox Deuce.


Click the checkbox next to your selected guard to complete the SpacingTool Layout. The next screen will show your complete layout with pricing information, a shopping list, and the layout for your specific roof areas.


Be sure to print this out and keep it for your records. Doing so, will entitle you to free lifetime replacement for any guards that crack or break for the life of your roof. Read over your layout thoroughly, prior to ordering / installing the product. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the SpacingTool, please call us at 1-800-766-5291 and one of our representatives will be glad to help you. Once you are ready to place your order, you can do so by visiting www.Snoblox.com or by giving us a call.

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Adhesive for Polycarbonate Snow Guards

By Brion P. McMullen, Bio

The invention of Surebond SB-190 is responsible for making “polycarbonate” snow guards today’s most popular choice for snow avalanche control on metal roofs.  Adhesive attachment is the safest and best snow stop mounting solution for metal panels that can not accept through fasteners such as floating standing seam or insulated panels.  Additionally, to protect the integrity of the metal roof, many installers and designers do not wish to penetrate or clamp anything to the roof making a glue down style snow retention system the most attractive solution.

The adhesive attachment method for snow guards is the least likely to cause damage to a metal roof if the system becomes overloaded.  Generally, the worst that can happen is that the guard will release harmlessly if loaded beyond it’s design capacity.  The snow stop can then be reattached in the same spot without adverse affects to the roof or the guard. The release of an adhesive mounted snot stop is a very rare occurrence when used with properly designed systems that are installed at the proper time of the year.  Because the shear strength of the adhesive is only as good as the surface it is attached to, adhesives should not be used on EPDM style membranes, slate, or some shingle style panels.  Always check with the manufacturer of the roofing system to be certain.

Snojax, Inc. pioneered the use of Surebond SB-190 for its polycarbonate snow guards in 1986.  After testing many adhesives over the years, the best performer still continues to be Surebond SB-190 due to its 2,000lbs/sq in. tensile strength, 500% elongation, and superior exterior UV resistance.  Surebond SB-190 has been used successfully on Snojax snow stops in the field for over 26 years, which is a testament in itself.

The SB-190 creates a chemical bond that etches itself to the polycarbonate as it cures and is safe to use on most factory painted roof panels. Just about any properly designed, UV stabilized, virgin grade polycarbonate snow stop with a forward mounted face design can be adhered successfully to most any type of factory painted metal roofing panel where the flat surface of the panel is wide enough to accept mounting. The SB-190 adhesive is only recommend for used with polycarbonate snow guards because UV from the sun plays a crucial part in the curing process. Consumers should always review the manufacturers professional test results before choosing a particular brand of snow guards for their metal roof.

Once installed on a polycarbonate snow guard, Surebond reaches about 90% strength in 14 days of consistent temperatures above 50°F. The minimum application temperature is 50°F and at least 30 days of curing time is required to achieve a full bond strength. In temperatures less than 40°F, the curing of SB-190 simply enters a dormant state and then resumes its cure when the temperature exceeds 50°F again. This does not ruin the curing process however it will prolong the time that it takes to achieve a full cure.  After nearly 30 years of manufacturing the SB-190, there is still no competing adhesive that can match the published ATI Snow Guard Test Results commissioned by SnoBlox-Snojax.

SnoBlox-Snojax has 6 different models that are professionally tested with the SB-190. Some models will fit metal panel flats as narrow as 1.5 inches and others that can straddle minor rib striations in the panel.  The newer generation of patented SnoBlox and IceJax snow stops have been designed with features to make them work even better with the Surebond adhesive attachment method.  The patented waffled base of the Deuce and Ace products allows the Surebond SB-190 a more efficient bonding surface and the forward mounted face design minimizes the leverage points.  The engraved base of the IceJax II model will withstand an outstanding 1,500 lbs. of force per guard prior to attachment release.  This is the highest published professional ATI Laboratory test result in the industry for any adhesive polycarbonate snow guard.

In conclusion, SnoBlox-Snojax polycarbonate guards mounted with SB-190 are an excellent “safe choice” for most metal roofs as long as the snow retention system is competently designed, has been professionally tested and is installed to the manufacturer’s specification.  To make sure your project is a success, start a free project layout at  www.SpacingTool.com or by calling one of the system designers at 1-800-SNOJAX-1.

See how easy it is to attach polycarbonate snow guards to metal roofs using Surebond products by watching the Installation Video.

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