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SnoBar/ColorBar/ColorRail The Ultimate In Snow Retention

It is officially October. It feels like you were just lounging by the pool a week ago and now the chill in the air has snuck up on you and panic sets in. In your state of summer delight, you forgot to order and install snow guards for the winter. Jack Frost snickers at your revelation from a nearby tree limb that is now covered in leaves that are no longer green, but shades of orange, gold, and brown. Is it too late?…..Will you be able to protect your home from the snow and ice that are looming ever closer?….Will Rocky and Bullwinkle ever finally end Boris and Natasha’s crime spree? Stay tuned!

Ok, but seriously, take a deep breath and pull up a seat. It is not too late for your home, but the time for action is now! Your solution is here! Let me introduce you to SnoBar, ColorBar, and ColorRail. First patented in 1992, these bar systems are the perfect solution for customers in many different climate zones and with many different roofing types. large_26_snobarcolorbracket (2)Whether you have a Standing Seam Metal Roof, Corrugated Panel, Membrane Roof, or Shingled Roof, there is an installation method available to you. You also have some options, so pay attention.


Powder-Coated SnoBar

Snobar is available in 2 different finishes.

  1. Mill Finish – Silver Galvanized silver bar and non-corrosive components.
  2. Powder-Coated – Same non-corrosive components with a professionally applied powder-coat finish for precise color matching.

Mill Finish ColorBar w/ColorStrip

Colorbar is available in 3 different finishes.

  1. Mill Finish – Bright silver, non-corrosive aluminum bar and non-corrosive components.
  2. Mill Finish w/ColorStrip – Our ColorBar accepts a 2” strip of color matched coil for an easy and cost effective colored system.
  3. Powder-Coated aka ColorRail – Same non-corrosive components with a professionally applied powder-coat finish for precise color matching.

Regardless of which system you decide to go with, your first step (after you finish that pumpkin ale) is to visit our website www.SnoBarColorBar.com for more information on our bar systems and the benefits of each system. You can find technical data about the different systems and also results from our third party laboratory testing. Browse the many options we have and then fill out a quote request form. Once one of our technicians receives your information, we will be able to evaluate your project for the right amount of rows necessary to distribute the weight evenly on your roof. Following this recommended layout will qualify you for a lifetime warranty for your system’s parts, performance, and finish. We can then provide a price quote for your project within approximately 24 hours.

Our bar systems are incredibly strong and install fast anytime of the year! Once you place the order, your order will ship to you within 1-2 weeks for a mill system and 3-4 weeks for a powder-coated system. Snoblox-Snojax had been providing the United States and Canada with the best Snow Guards in the industry and our bar systems are consistently the Ultimate In Snow Retention.

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Seam Mounted Snow Guard Pitfalls

By Brion P. McMullen, Bio

We are often asked about seam-mounted snow guards and our opinion on their effectiveness.  These are individual pad style guards that mechanically fasten to standing seams with set screws.  They can be made of polycarbonate, aluminum, steel, or cheaper die cast versions as well. While they initially seem like a great option due to simplicity and ease of installation, they have some serious drawbacks.

We have tested and observed these types of devices for decades and will never sell or recommend them.  We have been called upon to replace countless snow guard systems, many of which have been the seam mounted style.  Field testing has proven that these guards are very ineffective at preventing snow and ice from sliding down roofs and can possibly damage the seams if impacted hard enough.

Pic of Seam Mounted Snow Guard Damage

Seams Damaged by Sliding Ice and Snow

Snow and ice settles to the lowest part of the panel called the pan.  The most effective method of holding the snow and ice in place is to mount the snow guards in the center of the pan.  If mounted on the seams, the snow and ice is free to simply slide under the face of the guards and off the roof.  Another common problem occurs when a load is placed on one side or the other of a seam mounted guard.  This forces the base to twist and transfer this load to the actual seam.  This has resulted in bent seams, dislodged guards, and uncontrolled snow slides.

Pic of Gutter Damage With Seam Mounted Snow Guards

Gutter Damage With Seam Mounted Snow Guards

If you are looking for a professionally designed snow retention system…then you should call us at 800.SNOJAX.1.  We will create a free custom layout, drawing, and parts list for your project at www.SpacingTool.com.  All of our products are proudly designed, tested, and Made in the USA.

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