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It Is Never Too Late To Protect Your Gutters From Clogs

1We finally made it! Summer is here and now it’s time to relax and enjoy the warm weather! At least, that is what you would be doing if you weren’t up on a ladder cleaning out your gutters…again. Not only are they packed full of leaves from last fall, but now they are also full of flower petals and seed pods from the spring. Let’s be honest, though, we both know you aren’t cleaning your gutters right now. NOPE! You are up on a ladder stalling and reading this blog on your phone. I can’t really blame you. Cleaning out your gutters is a pain in the rear. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. Let me introduce you to a product that is going to get you off that ladder and back to that hammock that you keep staring at longingly. It’s called LeafBlox.


LeafBlox is a revolutionary product that is going to make your life easier and protect your home for years to come. LeafBlox is a large, cylinder-shaped, brush-style leaf guard that looks like a bottle or chimney sweep brush. installed, the stiff bristles fill the entire gutter and provide year-round protection by preventing leaves and other debris from accumulating and impeding water flow. Water continues to flow freely into the gutter, through the guard and down the drain path.


Installation couldn’t be easier for this product! Simply measure the width of your gutter’s opening and purchase the appropriate size and length for your building. The double UV protected polypropylene bristles and 12-gauge galvanized steel core are both made in the USA and guaranteed for life. Standard kits come in 3’ sections and require no tools to be installed. Simply slide the brush into the gutter and it will do the rest. It takes only minutes to complete the job. Do you have a few inches of extra brush at the end of a run or are you trying to go around a corner? EASY! Just bend the LeafBlox around the corner or back on itself to end a run. No cutting is required with this product. We won’t make the false promise that you will “Never Touch Your Gutters Again!” All Gutter Guards require some maintenance, and this is one of the best features about LeafBlox. When any cleaning or maintenance is required, it’s as simple as removing sections of LeafBlox, shaking out any debris and sliding them back in.  There is nothing fastened to your gutters or inserted under your roof shingles.

LeafBlox has the benefits that you are looking for when protecting your gutters!

1) Prevent Expensive Water Damage - Clogged gutters result in expensive water damage.  Rotting fascia / soffits, water in basements, cracked foundations, landscape destruction and mold growth are some of the common problems caused by clogged gutters.

2) Affordable - Keeping your gutters flowing should not cost thousands of dollars.  Most homes can be protected with LeafBlox for just $200 – $400.

3) Safety - Reduce dangerous time spent on your roof or ladder cleaning gutters.

3) Easy Installation - No tools, fasteners or cutting required to install LeafBlox.  Just slide sections into gutters.

4) Don’t “BUG” Me! - Standing water in clogged gutters is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.

5) Increase Home Value / Decrease Maintenance – Reduce gutter cleaning and maintenance required while improving the value and appeal of your home.

6) Helps Prevent Ice Dams – The bristles of this system collect heat on sunny days and can aid in the melting of ice and snow.

So now that I have shown you the reasons that you need to get LeafBlox, my only question is what are you waiting for? Unless you like cleaning gutters? Visit www.SnoBlox-Snojax.com today and get back to enjoying your summer. You’ve earned it!





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