untitledFor over 35 years, we have been bringing the best in polycarbonate snow guards for your roof. One of our guards has stood out among its peers to become our most popular guard that we sell to this day. The American made SnoBlox Deuce has revolutionized the polycarbonate snow guard industry with its low profile forward mounted 2.5″ high face and its sleek 1.5″ wide waffled tapered back base that fits most roof panels without rib straddling. This patented product has stood the test of time and is an aesthetically appealing, low cost solution to the problem of sliding snow and ice on metal roofing. Its mounting versatility allows it to be both mechanically attached and adhesive mounted on screw down roofs with a 1.5″ flat area. Starter points are provided for mechanical fastening and eliminate the need for pre-drilling when used with a self-tapping #14 screw. This guard is also able to be mounted with adhesive on floating standing seam roof systems, where mechanical mounting is not appropriate. The waffled base provides almost triple the bonding power of a smooth bottom guard in its size category. This guard also has the added benefit of being produced in 11 stock colors along with a recycled finish, known as the Ecoblox. Professional ATI tests demonstrated that the SnoBlox Deuce held 3456 pounds when attached with #14 screws and 1379 pounds when attached with the SB-190 adhesive. All tests were performed simulating realistic snow loading conditions applied to the face of the guard. When installed with adhesive, the best time of year to install these guards is in the late spring through summer. It is important to install with Surebond SB-190 and allow for approximately 28 days at 50 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve the proper cure. Layout assistance can be found on our online calculator at Because of the Deuce’s almost universal fit potential, this snow guard is preferred both among our wholesalers and also our consistent customers who order in bulk quantities to take advantage of our volume-discounts.
SAM_0027 The Deuce’s 1.5″ base is designed to make it the most universal fit snow guard in the industry.  It is compatible with every metal panel in the industry that allows for a 1.5″ wide flat mounting area.  For this reason and also because it is available in multiple colors, the SnoBlox Deuce makes it our #1 seller. The next time that you are looking for a snow guard for your project, think of the SnoBlox Deuce!

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