SnoBar Metal Roof Snow Retention

By Brion P. McMullen, Bio 


SnoBar and ColorBar are premium snow guards that can be delivered in a variety of color matched finishes.  The SnoBar system was the first of it’s kind to be patented and remains the fastest installing system on the market due to it’s unique top-loading stainless steel clamps.  The bar systems can be mounted to various types of metal roof systems including standing seam, r-panels, ag panels, tpo/membrane, shingles, etc.  The ColorBar system is one of the very few snow bars on the market designed to work on 42” wide panels while still proving a lifetime warranty.  Optional IceStoppers can be used to prevent snow and ice from sliding



Check it out all our snow guards and see why contractors call the Snobar “The S-5! killers”!  When “The Right Way!” goes wrong, SnoBar and ColorBar snow retention systems are the total solution.

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2 thoughts on “SnoBar Metal Roof Snow Retention

  1. Bettye Knetes

    We have been interested in purchasing a rail type snow guard system for quite some time now. This post was really helpful. Now we just need to get a quote. lol


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