Round Snow Bar vs. Flat Faced Snow Bar Snow Guards

There are numerous shapes and styles of bar snow guards available today.  The question of bar shape generates a lot of questions with our contractors and architects we deal with on a daily basis.  Many years of lab and field testing has proven that nothing is as efficient at holding snow and ice as flat faced, perpendicular mounted bar.  Square and flat faced bar will hold snow and ice longer while minimizing the chance of “ramping”.
IceStoppers are another critical component within the system.  Many icestoppers on the market are not mechanically fastened or mounted perpendicular to the roof panels.  These can also allow dangerous snow and ice to simply ramp up and over the bar.  The most effective way to prevent snow and ice from sliding is by using flat face bar mounted perpendicular to the roof panels AND perpendicular IceStoppers that are mechanically fastened to the bar.  Permanent fastening to the bar keeps the stoppers in place for the life of the roof and allows for maximum holding time of the snow load without ramping or flipping up and over the bar.

Here is an example of ramp style IceStoppers that allow snow and ice to flow over the bar.

s5stopperExample of Ramping
As the pictures illustrate, ramp style icestoppers allow snow and ice to slide over the bar instead of holding it in place until it can safely melt.  This style of icestopper also does not increase wind uplift performance of the panels and can be flipped up over the bar by the snow leaving the panel unprotected.

Correct installation of SnoBar

Correct installation of SnoBar

The snow guards in the photo above illustrates the correct use of IceStoppers mounted perpendicular to the panels.  This provides maximum hold time without ramping.  There is no possiblility of the icestoppers flipping up over the bar and there is the added benefit of increased wind uplift performance.

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9 thoughts on “Round Snow Bar vs. Flat Faced Snow Bar Snow Guards

  1. Oscar Rigg

    I was thinking about going with your clear snow guards, but after reading this, I’m going to do more research on your bar systems. Thanks for the info.

  2. Jaclyn Hermanson

    We have a very modern new construction home. I think a bar type snow guard will look the best, but I need to do a little more research before placing my order.

  3. Tiara Slessor

    My boss is interested in some snow guards for our office. This looks like a great solution for our problem. I will be sure to show him this post. Thanks -Tiara

  4. Doyle Trammell

    There are so many different options for snow guard bars out there that this information will be really valuable in helping me decide what I want. Thanks

  5. Georgetta Arteaga

    We have been looking for good quality snow guards for a while now. It is nice to find a MADE IN AMERICA product. We will order soon!


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