Color Matching Snow Guards– What If My Roof Isn’t New?


Many of our customers have the luxury of owning brand new metal roofs. With the hundreds of available roofing manufacturers today, color options are nearly endless. Home and building owners now have more freedom of expression than ever before.  When it comes to matching colors for our Stainless Steel Snow Guards and our Snobar/Colorbar systems, a new roof is ideal. We have access to hundreds of colors, covering the broad spectrum of shades and hues available in today’s roofing market. Most of the time, simply knowing the manufacturer of your new roof is enough information for us to determine a proper match for your snow guard system. Correct matching, in these instances, can be achieved simply by looking at the manufacturer’s color chart and finding a corresponding powder.

There are other times, however, when a customer may decide to install guards on an older roof. If your roof has become faded or discolored, do not lose hope. There are a couple of options that will allow you to ensure the best possible color match for your roof. When dealing with customers with older roofs, we require a physical sample to be mailed to our headquarters in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania. Once the sample arrives, we can match it against our color selection. The best samples are those that are small pieces of the existing roof. Many times these small samples are taken from areas of the roof that are not visually obvious. Other customers will choose to remove a color-matched fastener from the roof and send that in. If neither of these options seems like the right choice for you, there is still one more type of sample that you could provide. A paint swatch from your local hardware store could be the perfect solution for this problem! Paint swatches are free and readily available to anyone! Simply select a couple of cards that closely resemble your roof, then send us the closest match and we will get to work.

We, unfortunately, cannot match your color based on a photograph. Printed photos rely on ink that may not produce an exact match to your roof. This, paired with different camera settings used to take the photos can cause quite a headache for our specialists. Digital photos, provided via email, are also not accepted. No two monitors have the same color settings. Colors can change dramatically when translated digitally. For these reasons, a physical sample is always your best bet.

When choosing snow guards for your roof, custom colors can add an extra bit of style to your roof. We are here to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for. Don’t let your investment become an eye sore. Contact us today and don’t forget….it’s never too late to teach an old roof new tricks.

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