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Thank heavens; we can finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel that I’m referring to is, of course, this long, on again-off again, never ending winter. It was quite literally like we were in an argument with mother nature and she kept walking out of the room carrying winter….only to storm back in screaming “And another thing!”. Never fear my friend! She will soon warm up again and forgive you for those heinous neon orange snow pants that you wore every time you shoveled the driveway. We might not, though. Anyway….rejoice…spring is upon us. The birds are chirping in the tress and all is once again right with the world. It is time to relax and soak up the sun, right? WRONG!

The first days of spring are the exact moment when you need to start thinking about the aftermath of winter! Step back and take a good look at your home and more specifically, your roof. It is time to get to work. Just remember, the quicker you get it done, the quicker you can relax. (Your wife paid us to say that). Hopefully there is no major damage, but there are some items on the agenda that need to be addressed ASAP. Maybe a few of your snow guards popped off, your gutters might be overflowing, and your vent pipe could have been damaged by sliding snow and ice. Let’s get to work.

1Snow Guards: First, looking at your roof, you installed some adhesive mounted snow guards last year and you notice a few have come loose. When did you install them? November?!? Well, no wonder a few came off then. The Surebond SB-190 adhesive requires approximately 28 days at 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) or above to cure fully. My next question is, did you get a spacing layout at If not, make sure to work your way through the FREE calculator to ensure that you have the right amount of rows. It looks like you might be a little light on guards. Another row may be needed to help distribute the weight more evenly. After all of that is taken care of, you can re-install the few that came off in the exact spots where they were. The best part is that you won’t need to remove the old adhesive from your roof. The new Surebond will cure to itself! Just make sure to wipe the guard and roof panel with some rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or oils first before applying it. Luckily, for you, adhesive mounted guards will not damage your roof if installed incorrectly. Now that it looks like you are on the right path to perfecting your snow retention system, let’s move onto our next task.


Gutters: Those gutters are filthy. It is no wonder that you had problems with Ice dams and draining this winter. It is lucky that someone didn’t get hurt. After you finish unclogging them and giving them a good rinse, it is time to talk protection. Unfortunately, there is no product on the market that can save you from ever cleaning your gutters again, but there is one that can make it much less frequent and a heck of a lot easier. Take a look at LeafBlox. This brush-style gutter protector requires no nails, cutting, drilling or tools at all! Simply choose one of our many available sizes to fit your gutters and then slide them into the gutter to keep debris out while allowing water to flow through like it is supposed to. As an added bonus, the black UV stabilized Polypropylene bristles have been known to help melt ice from gutters in the winter as they collect heat from the sun. Ready for the next project…let’s go.


Vent Pipes: That last snow storm you had finally took out your vent pipe. You thought you were out of the woods until that last freak snow squall hit. Now your shiny silver vent pipe looks like it got ran over by a Mac Truck. Oh well, there is no use crying over flattened vent pipes. Replace that pipe and then invest in the answer to your problem. I’m talking about the Ventsaver. This metal fin-style snow and ice diverter will attach to your roof and vent pipe creating an additional support structure for it, while also protecting the pipe boot by splitting and diverting snow and ice. Your roof is a standing seam, so you want to make sure that you purchase the additional Standing Seam Ventsaver Plate for mounting it. This will keep you from needing to put holes in your investment.

There you go, friend! Take a look at your hard work and smile with confidence because you know next winter will be different. Your snow guards are repaired, your gutters are clean, and your pipe is venting properly like a steam locomotive. You sit down on your back porch in your Hawaiian shorts and hat with the newspaper before quickly realizing that it is still only 55 degrees out and you may have jumped the gun a bit. I’ll check back in with you next month.

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