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Standing Seam Metal Roof Ventsaver

We have been selling Snow Guards for over 35 years and VentSaver products for over 15 years and they have earned an excellent reputation in the industry.  No other product provides such an effective solution to protect vent pipes and chimney pipes from damage.  Unfortunately, the standing seam metal roof customers that have inquired over the years were disappointed to learn that the Ventsaver was not able to be mounted on their roof without panel penetrations.

We have resolved this problem with the new SS VentSaver Plate.  They allow the use of all 3 VentSaver models to be safely used on Standing Seam panels without penetrating the metal.  The Ice Ramp keeps the snow and ice from getting under the plate while the VentSaver fin effectively breaks the snow and ice sheets as it slides down the roof.  The SS VentSaver is available in 2 sizes, the Model 12-16 is designed for 12”-16” seams and the Model 12-24 is recommended for seams 17”-24”.  The universal fit RCT clamps are compatible with over 500 standing seam profiles including t-seams, bulb seams, SnapLok, single lok, double lok, MR-24, etc. Visit our Panel Matrix to see if your seams are compatible

SS VentSaver Mounted With P-383 VentSaver

SS VentSaver Mounted With P-383 VentSaver

The SS VentSaver Plates are easy to install with basic hand tools, made in the USA, and constructed of durable, non-corrosive components.

The SS VentSaver kit includes:

•    SS VentSaver Adjustable Aluminum Plate (19” or 27”)
•    Custom fit Ice Ramp with Edging Strip (19” or 27”)
•    4 RCT clamps, 12 set screws, 4 top bolts/washers
•    3/16” hex/allen bit
•    12 Tek screws.
•    It does not include a Ventsaver.

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