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Snow Guard Options for Standing Seam Roofs

Standing seam roof panels are considered a premium roofing option.  Numerous advantages include heavier gauge metal to withstand impacts, higher seams to resist leaks, and a hidden fastener system for clean looks and waterproofing.  Manufacturers do not allow penetrations in the panels in order to prevent water intrusion.  Therefore, mechanically fastening of snow guards and other equipment is prohibited.

What does this mean when a need arises to control the sliding of snow and ice on standing seam roof panels?  Well, actually there are 2 options:

1.   Pad style snow guards, such as the SnoBlox Deuce, are attached with Surebond SB-190 adhesive.  This is not normal construction adhesive, this strong attachment method is as reliable as any other as long as the guards are properly installed according to the manufacturer’s recommended layout.  The layout strategy will usually consist of multiple staggered rows spaced up the slope, not just one or two rows down by the eave.  This proven method virtually eliminates any risk of roof damage.

DEUCE Colors

The adhesive is very strong but is also very slow curing.  It requires 672 hours of 50F temperatures so it’s best to install in Spring and Summer to be cured and ready for winter.  This adhesive is clear and UV stabilized like the snow guard itself so neither will lose strength over the years.

2.  SnoBar/ColorBar snow retention systems are another great option for standing seam panels.  They are attached using a patented seam clamp.  These clamps are specially designed to permanently lock onto the seams without penetrating the metal.  Bar systems are available in galvanized steel, aluminum, and even stainless steel.  Systems can also be color matched to the roof or can be installed in mill finish when color matching isn’t necessary.  While bar systems cost more per row than pad style systems, fewer rows of bar are usually required.  Visit our SnoBar section for more information about our bar systems.

SnoBar Snow Retention System
SnoBar Snow Retention System

All projects using snow guards should begin with a visit to to determine the best method of attachment based on your project specific info.  If you are interested to learn more about snow retention products and layouts, we invite you to take our free online training course at

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