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Why do modern metal roofs need snow guards?

Today’s modern metal roof panel coatings are designed to be low-friction in order to self clean..  However, this creates a huge problem when snow and ice accumulates on the roof.  As the temperature increases, a layer of water forms between the roof panel and the snow.  This allows the snow to rapidly release and slide down the roof.  This causes countless personal injuries, millions of dollars in property damage, liability claims, and business disruptions worldwide.  Buildings with metal roofs should always consider using  snow guards when located in cold climates

Garage needing snow guards.
Garage needing snow guards.

Most metal roofs in areas that get snow should be protected against these slides by utilizing a properly designed snow retention system.  In terms of overall cost vs. the damage prevented, snow guards are a tremendous value and one of the most important safety considerations for a metal roof.

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