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Basics of Snow Guard Layouts

By Brion P. McMullen, Bio

Ever since the invention of metal roof panels, the industry has struggled to develop ways to control the damage and liability from sliding snow and ice.  The paint finishes on today’s metal roof panels are slicker than ever.  This makes metal panels awesome at shedding dirt, but makes them even more susceptible to avalanche after snow accumulation.  After 25 years of designing professional layouts, we finally released our calculations to the public when we launched

Without a proper snow guard layout, the strongest snow guard in the world is worthless.  With, anyone can input their roof dimensions, pitch, and ground snow load.  The system will offer the option of 3 attachment types including adhesive, screws, or a seam clamp mounted bar system.  After all the options are selected, the best layout is calculated and a line drawing is created that shows the optimal row spacing and product totals required to complete the project.

Spacing Layout

Go to for Snow Guard Spacing

The layouts may seem unusual at first, but here are some basic guidelines that we use for our calculations.

1. The overall strategy of snow guard placement is to start with American made, high quality snow guards that have a forward mounted face.

2. We want to hold the snow and ice in place, (where it originally landed), not just try to “catch” it before it avalanches over the eave.  Nearly all failed snow guard layouts have just one or two rows and they are all down at the eave.  This typical amateur snow guard layout has a high failure rate because it attempts to “catch” sliding snow and ice, instead of holding it where it landed.  By the time things start to slide, it’s game over.

3. Our final layout is determined by several factors including holding strength and dimensions of the snow guard selected, roof pitch, panel style and width, ground snow load, and roof dimensions.  If any of these factors change, the layout can change considerably.

4. Rows are to be installed in a staggered pattern, never in straight lines with the exception of our SnowBreaker product which are designed to only break up the snow and ice.  Snow guards installed in staggered rows have a significantly less chance of failure, the staggered pattern helps the snow and ice field coagulate to prevent the movement of snow and ice.

5. Our snow guard products are designed to evenly distribute the load across the roof structure with multiple staggered rows.  Roofs are designed to hold the snow load, but are not designed to withstand uneven loads concentrated at the eaves.

Snow Guard Layout

Sample Snow Guard Spacing Layout

6. If you follow our layout, our snow guards will last the life of the roof or we will replace them for free!

*Never buy a product that hasn’t been professional and independently tested.  Don’t buy from companies that don’t warranty their products for the life of your roof.  Don’t support China’s economy, buy products Made in the USA.

Visit and get your free layout.  Call us with any questions at 717.697.1900.

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Protect Your Roof Vents and Chimneys

By Brion P. McMullen, Bio

Did you know there is a simple product that will protect your vent pipes and chimney stacks from damage?  This product works with or without a snow guards and is very affordable!  The VentSaver comes in three sizes to fit pipes from 1” up to 14” in diameter.

All three models are made of non-corrosive, powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel aircraft cables.  Installation is simple since all mounting hardware is included.  The vertical fin design cuts through packed ice and snow, causing it safely divert around the pipe.  Installation is quick and easy.

VentSaver FB151

VentSaver 151

VentSaver 151

Fits small pipes from 1.5” to 4” diameter and the vertical fin is 6” high.

VentSaver FB383

VentSaver P383

VentSaver P383

Fits medium size pipes from 1” up to 14” diameter and the vertical fin is 9” high.

VentSaver HD

VentSaver HD

VentSaver HD

Designed for heavy duty applications up to 14” diameter with a vertical fin height of 14”.

Visit our store to view all of our snow guards and  VentSaver products or call us at 800.SNOJAX.1 with any questions.

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