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Spring is the Time to Install Snow Guards

By Brion P. McMullen, Bio

Spring is upon us and what’s left of the snow is melting fast.  Now is the best time of the year to do a roof inspection to check for damage to the metal panels, gutters, chimney, landscaping, air units, plumbing stacks, etc.  On standing seam roofs, be sure to check the seams closely where the valleys converge.  Clean the gutters and check for loose mounting brackets and leaks.

If you are seeing damage from snow and ice then perhaps it’s time to invest in a quality snow guard system like the SnoBlox Deuce.  This is the perfect time of year to install snow guards with adhesive.  The Surebond SB-190 adhesive we use requires warm weather to cure properly.  Once it fully cures, the strength is incredible and has been field tested since 1996 with incredible success!

SnoBlox Deuce

Start by writing down the following for each roof area on your building:

  1. Roof area overall width (eave length)
  2. Panel run (panel length from peak of roof down to the eave)
  3. Panel type (standing seam, r-panel, etc.  Take pictures and email us if you aren’t sure)
  4. Panel dimensions(width between seams or o.c. width between major and minor ribs.  Take pictures and email us if you aren’t sure.))
  5. Local Ground Snow Load (if you don’t know, call your local building department)
  6. Decide if you want to attach a system with screws, adhesive, or seam clamps.
  7. Determine your roof pitch

The next step is to visit for a free layout based on your project specific data.  The layout of the snow guards on the roof is the most critical element in the entire system.  A reliable layout will have multiple staggered rows of guards, with each guard mounted in the center of the panel valley where the snow and ice actually moves.  The website will only show you the snow guards that will work properly on your panels based on the information you provide.

Following the layout and installation instructions will eliminate the most common problems and guarantee lifetime performance of your snow guards.

We have spent 35 years perfecting our layouts and were the first to have made the estimating software free to the public at  A custom layout will be emailed to you showing the exact recommended placement and parts list needed for your project.

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Gutter Guards, Metal Roofing and Snow Guards

By Brion P. McMullen, Bio

Spring time is right around the corner.  Take advantage of the beautiful weather to get your roof and gutter maintenance done before it’s too hot.  We recommend you start with a simple gutter cleaning and inspection.  If you noticed any leaks, now is the time get them seal or replaced.  Improper gutter drainage causes landscaping, paint, and foundation problems.

If you find that they are clogged with leaves and other debris, you should visit to protect your gutters.  They are the world’s simplest and fastest gutter guard on the market.  They are made of bendable UV stabilized polypropylene and simply drop into the gutters to stay in place.  LeafBlox will keep the gutters flowing by keeping the leaves and other debris from clogging the downspouts.

If you see damage to the gutters or other roof components due to sliding snow and ice, it’s the perfect time of year to install a quality snow guard system from SnoBlox/SnoJax.  Warm weather means you have the option to use adhesive for a safe, effective installation.  Our snow guard adhesive requires 50F temperatures for 672 hours in order to fully cure so installing in the Spring is perfect timing.  Our most popular snow guards for glue down applications is the SnoBlox Deuce model.  It is tested to over 1,300lbs when properly installed with adhesive.  Adhesive attachment is fast, simple, and will not harm the roof panels in any way.

The most important step in any snow guard project is obtaining a layout and following it.  You can visit, enter your roof’s data, and it will determine the best guard to get the job done right. We have spent the last 35 years perfecting our layouts and offer this service free-of-charge to the public.

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Adhesive for Polycarbonate Snow Guards

By Brion P. McMullen, Bio

The invention of Surebond SB-190 is responsible for making “polycarbonate” snow guards today’s most popular choice for snow avalanche control on metal roofs.  Adhesive attachment is the safest and best snow stop mounting solution for metal panels that can not accept through fasteners such as floating standing seam or insulated panels.  Additionally, to protect the integrity of the metal roof, many installers and designers do not wish to penetrate or clamp anything to the roof making a glue down style snow retention system the most attractive solution.

The adhesive attachment method for snow guards is the least likely to cause damage to a metal roof if the system becomes overloaded.  Generally, the worst that can happen is that the guard will release harmlessly if loaded beyond it’s design capacity.  The snow stop can then be reattached in the same spot without adverse affects to the roof or the guard. The release of an adhesive mounted snot stop is a very rare occurrence when used with properly designed systems that are installed at the proper time of the year.  Because the shear strength of the adhesive is only as good as the surface it is attached to, adhesives should not be used on EPDM style membranes, slate, or some shingle style panels.  Always check with the manufacturer of the roofing system to be certain.

Snojax, Inc. pioneered the use of Surebond SB-190 for its polycarbonate snow guards in 1986.  After testing many adhesives over the years, the best performer still continues to be Surebond SB-190 due to its 2,000lbs/sq in. tensile strength, 500% elongation, and superior exterior UV resistance.  Surebond SB-190 has been used successfully on Snojax snow stops in the field for over 26 years, which is a testament in itself.

The SB-190 creates a chemical bond that etches itself to the polycarbonate as it cures and is safe to use on most factory painted roof panels. Just about any properly designed, UV stabilized, virgin grade polycarbonate snow stop with a forward mounted face design can be adhered successfully to most any type of factory painted metal roofing panel where the flat surface of the panel is wide enough to accept mounting. The SB-190 adhesive is only recommend for used with polycarbonate snow guards because UV from the sun plays a crucial part in the curing process. Consumers should always review the manufacturers professional test results before choosing a particular brand of snow guards for their metal roof.

Once installed on a polycarbonate snow guard, Surebond reaches about 90% strength in 14 days of consistent temperatures above 50°F. The minimum application temperature is 50°F and at least 30 days of curing time is required to achieve a full bond strength. In temperatures less than 40°F, the curing of SB-190 simply enters a dormant state and then resumes its cure when the temperature exceeds 50°F again. This does not ruin the curing process however it will prolong the time that it takes to achieve a full cure.  After nearly 30 years of manufacturing the SB-190, there is still no competing adhesive that can match the published ATI Snow Guard Test Results commissioned by SnoBlox-Snojax.

SnoBlox-Snojax has 6 different models that are professionally tested with the SB-190. Some models will fit metal panel flats as narrow as 1.5 inches and others that can straddle minor rib striations in the panel.  The newer generation of patented SnoBlox and IceJax snow stops have been designed with features to make them work even better with the Surebond adhesive attachment method.  The patented waffled base of the Deuce and Ace products allows the Surebond SB-190 a more efficient bonding surface and the forward mounted face design minimizes the leverage points.  The engraved base of the IceJax II model will withstand an outstanding 1,500 lbs. of force per guard prior to attachment release.  This is the highest published professional ATI Laboratory test result in the industry for any adhesive polycarbonate snow guard.

In conclusion, SnoBlox-Snojax polycarbonate guards mounted with SB-190 are an excellent “safe choice” for most metal roofs as long as the snow retention system is competently designed, has been professionally tested and is installed to the manufacturer’s specification.  To make sure your project is a success, start a free project layout at or by calling one of the system designers at 1-800-SNOJAX-1.

See how easy it is to attach polycarbonate snow guards to metal roofs using Surebond products by watching the Installation Video.

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