2 Bar Snow Guards

SnoBlox-SnoJax is excited to announce our newest addition to our snow guards. The RC-2B 2 bar bracket.  This patent-pending two-bar snow retention system for metal roofs has been developed after years of field and lab research.  Our specially designed aluminum brackets can hold either 1” square galvanized SnoBar or our extruded aluminum ColorBar.  They are available in mill finish or can be color matched with powder coating.

The Two-Bar System allows the bars to drop into the two-bar bracket, allowing for quick and easy,labor-saving installation.  The patented drop-in design also helps protect the finish from scratching during installation.  The RC-2B systems are attached to the seams using our patented RC and RCT Roof Clamps for lifetime performance.
These are the fastest installing snow guards on the market due to the exclusive top-loading mounts that allow the SnoBar/ColorBar to be set down into the mount instead of having to be fed thru the mount. Fast and easy installation means lower labor costs and less chance of scratching the bar’s finish!

Two Bar Snow Retention
Two Bar Snow Retention

SnoBlox-SnoJax has offered the industry’s most trusted snow guard systems since 1976, call us with questions about these new innovations or visit www.SnoJax.com.

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One thought on “2 Bar Snow Guards

  1. Andrew Chief

    I had no idea snow guards were this complex. I definitely need to do some more research before I buy, but I appreciate the great info in this post.


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