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Truth About Set Screws Small

The Truth About Set Screws

In 1992, SnoBar was the first company to apply for a patent for a
bar-style snow retention system using non-penetrating clamps.
This snow retention system features posi-lock, cupped-tip
set screws
that contact a wide area of the seam and
permanently lock in place without panel penetrations or
worries of voiding the manufacturer's panel warranty. Please take a
look at the video below to see why the SnoBar system uses the best
snow retention clamps available on the market today.


SnoBar, ColorBar and ColorRail is being requested more than ever by
professional architects and general contractors.  Contractor pricing
now available on orders over 500LF. We design professional quality
bar systems for metal, shingle, and membrane roofs and include
lifetime warranties
. Our client list includes every branch of the
U.S. military, international and municipal airports, Fortune 500
companies, state and federal buildings, schools, and thousands
of private businesses and homes.  

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Truth About Set Screws Small

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