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Architectural Design Advantages

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One-Piece Stainless Steel Clamp with 2 stainless "posi-lock" set screws, no assembly required. Top Loading clamp saves time and labor costs which saves money.

Two Piece Zinc Zamak Clamp does not use set screws and relies on compression to stay in place. May require additional labor for on-roof assembly and bar feeding.

Stainless Steel Clamp construction with excellent strength, hardness, thermal expansion and deflection properties.
"Cupped Tipped" Posi-Lock Stainless Screws ensure
a permanent fit on the seam.
Zinc Zamak Clamp construction, a.k.a. "pot metal" or "die cast" aluminum. Two piece aluminum clamp relies on a single sharp friction attachment point instead of set screws that attach to the seam.
12' Galvanized or 20' Stainless Steel Bars, installs faster
and has exceptional strength and deflection
properties when compared to 10' aluminum bars.
10' Aluminum Bars have lower strength and deflection properties compared to Galvanized or Stainless.
Shorter bar lengths can require additional labor.
Bar Mounts Perpendicular to the Seam Bar Mounts at a 45 Degree Angle to the Seam
12' Sealed Wooden Shipping Crates Ships Wrapped in Cardboard
Lifetime Warranty on performance parts and finish. Limited Warranty on parts and finish.
1.25" Clamp Profile, blends with the bar for a clean look. 2" Clamp Profile, often more noticeable when installed.

SnoBar, ColorBar and ColorRail is being requested more than ever by professional
architects and general contractors.  Contractor pricing now available on
orders over 500LF. We design professional quality bar systems for metal,
shingle, and membrane roofs and include a lifetime warranty.

Our client list includes every branch of the U.S. military, international and
municipal airports, Fortune 500 companies, state and federal buildings,
schools, and thousands of private businesses and homes.  

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