About Us

The late Jack McMullen was the founder and inventor of the first polycarbonate snow guard in 1976. He invented and patented the product out of necessity for his own metal building business. Growing tired of receive complaints when the metal snow guards he installed would rust, break and leave stains on the roof, he thought of a better solution, thus the Snojax product line was born.

Our Mission

Today, more than 30 years later, our family has continued the legacy set forth by my father. IceBlox, Inc., d.b.a. SnoBlox-Snojax is an award winning, nationally recognized supplier whose predominant business is snow retention.

Our most valuable assets are our loyal customers, well known brand names and the professional employees who continually provide excellent customer service to our clientele. Our efficient molding process and buying power allows us to provide the industry with the highest quality snow guard systems, at the lowest possible price.

Our mission is to provide the largest selection of high quality, affordable snow retention products that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. We will continually research, develop, professionally test, and market the " Best of the Best ", for many generations to come.

Brion P. McMullen, President & CEO
IceBlox, Inc., d.b.a. SnoBlox-Snojax

Snow Guards for metal roofs - Plastic Snow Guards - Manufacturer Direct pricing. Stop snow slides and damage caused by snow and ice avalanches. First in plastic pad style snow retention. Discount and wholesale product pricing. Protect gutters, stop wind panel uplift, easy home improvement. Call 1-866-423-2569 for help with your Plastic Snow Guard Products.

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