Protect Your Roof Vents and Chimneys

By Brion P. McMullen, Bio

Did you know there is a simple product that will protect your vent pipes and chimney stacks from damage?  This product works with or without a snow guards and is very affordable!  The VentSaver comes in three sizes to fit pipes from 1” up to 14” in diameter.

All three models are made of non-corrosive, powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel aircraft cables.  Installation is simple since all mounting hardware is included.  The vertical fin design cuts through packed ice and snow, causing it safely divert around the pipe.  Installation is quick and easy.

VentSaver FB151

VentSaver 151

VentSaver 151

Fits small pipes from 1.5” to 4” diameter and the vertical fin is 6” high.

VentSaver FB383

VentSaver P383

VentSaver P383

Fits medium size pipes from 1” up to 14” diameter and the vertical fin is 9” high.

VentSaver HD

VentSaver HD

VentSaver HD

Designed for heavy duty applications up to 14” diameter with a vertical fin height of 14”.

Visit our store to view all of our snow guards and  VentSaver products or call us at 800.SNOJAX.1 with any questions.

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4 thoughts on “Protect Your Roof Vents and Chimneys

  1. Cyril Carron

    I have been looking at your ventsavers for a while now to go with the snow guards I purchased from you before. I think this will be a good combination.

  2. Jed Jewett

    My Vetns have been ripped off the past 5 years. I’m going to cross my fingers that this is the solution I need. Excited to try it out.


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