Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from a Snow Guard Specialist

At SnoBlox-Snojax we take hundreds of calls a week from customers, like you, asking about our snow guards. I would like to answer some of the more common questions that we hear on a daily basis. For answers to any of your questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-766-5291 and one of our representatives will happily assist you.

Q: How many snow guards do I need?

A: The amount of snow guards that are necessary for your project is based on a few different factors. Some of these include:

1) PANEL STYLE – Different roof panels have particular methods that work best for installing snow guards. Corrugated panels, for example, allow you to install snow guards with adhesive or mechanically. Standing seam roofs, on the other hand, require non-penetrating methods like adhesive or clamp on bar-type systems.

2) METHOD OF ATTACHMENT – Adhesive is very strong in its own right, but often we find that mechanical attachment methods require lower amounts of guards. Bar systems, usually require the least amount of rows on any roof, but it does come at a higher cost than individual guards.

3) LOCATION & SNOW LOAD - Geography has a big impact on the amount of snow that certain regions receive. In some cases these changes are drastic enough that 2 identical buildings in neighboring towns could have completely different snow guard requirements. A few pounds of difference in snow loads may have a surprisingly large impact on the layouts required for these structures.

4) BUILDING DIMENSIONS – The dimensions of your roof play a large part in determining a proper layout for your project.  Panel lengths, roof pitch (angle), and the overall building footprint are all considerations when creating the proper layout for your project.

Once we have received all of the information for your roof, we will calculate a layout and quote for you. For those DIY-ers out there, you can also visit and work your way through our online calculator.


Q: Can you match your products to the color of my roof?

A: The answer to this question depends on which of our products that you are looking to install. Our metal SnoBar, ColorBar, ColorRail, and WindBar systems can be matched to any roof color through the use of powder-coating. This is also true for our lineup of standard and decorative stainless steel SnowCatcher products. Typically, this can be achieved by the customer sending us a physical sample. Emailing or texting images of your roof color is not recommended as different monitors and devices will change coloring depending on the settings. A physical sample is always preferred. We have a wide range of stock colors. If your shade is a bit more unique, discontinued, or if you are trying to match a faded color on an older roof, we can also custom match for a small surcharge.


The individual polycarbonate guards in our catalog are normally clear, but we do offer 11 stock colors for our SnoBlox Deuce. If you are using the Deuce and are unsure of the color-match, we can send you a free sample for you to compare. Otherwise, we typically recommend sticking with the clear.


Q: Can I order less than the recommended amount from you?

A: Yes. We provide layouts to our customers at no charge and hope that they will be followed. As such, all snow guards that are installed according to our instructions are covered against guard-breakage for the life of the roof. We understand, however, that sometimes it is just not in the budget. In these cases, we will happily provide our customers with whatever they request. We do remind you, in these cases, that deviation from our proposal will result in forfeiture of your warranty for the guards. Normally when a customer purchases less than we have advised, we like to recommend adhesive attachment due to the fact that guard failure with glue does not damage the panel. It simply requires re-application.

Q: I see lots of clear snow guards out there by tons of different companies. Should I be leery of plastic guards?

A: When dealing with clear guards (or any guard for that matter), it is incredibly important to do your research first. Make sure that you are looking for companies who use 100% virgin polycarbonate in their manufacturing and ideally are made in America. There are many distributors of clear snow guards, but not all of them are of high quality. That often is the reason for their lower pricing. The use of more brittle materials, like acrylic, and manufacturing in foreign countries, like China, can lead to inferior products that look identical to their high quality counterparts. The products often break and discolor rapidly. It is easy to allow pricing to sway your decision making. When it comes to the safety of people and property that could be impacted by the dangers of falling snow and ice, you don’t want to pinch pennies. Saving a few dollars could lead to huge lawsuits and fines if and when something goes wrong due to a system failure. It is better to pay a little more initially, than to have to constantly replace guards due to failure. You will save money in the long run by purchasing the best products the first time.

These are just a few of the most common questions that we get. Once again, if you have any questions or concerns about any of our snow guard products, please feel free to call us at 1-800-766-5291 and one of our representatives will happily assist you. Spring is right around the corner, so why not purchase now so that you can be ready.

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