Spring is the Time to Install Snow Guards

By Brion P. McMullen, Bio

Spring is upon us and what’s left of the snow is melting fast.  Now is the best time of the year to do a roof inspection to check for damage to the metal panels, gutters, chimney, landscaping, air units, plumbing stacks, etc.  On standing seam roofs, be sure to check the seams closely where the valleys converge.  Clean the gutters and check for loose mounting brackets and leaks.

If you are seeing damage from snow and ice then perhaps it’s time to invest in a quality snow guard system like the SnoBlox Deuce.  This is the perfect time of year to install snow guards with adhesive.  The Surebond SB-190 adhesive we use requires warm weather to cure properly.  Once it fully cures, the strength is incredible and has been field tested since 1996 with incredible success!

SnoBlox Deuce

Start by writing down the following for each roof area on your building:

  1. Roof area overall width (eave length)
  2. Panel run (panel length from peak of roof down to the eave)
  3. Panel type (standing seam, r-panel, etc.  Take pictures and email us if you aren’t sure)
  4. Panel dimensions(width between seams or o.c. width between major and minor ribs.  Take pictures and email us if you aren’t sure.))
  5. Local Ground Snow Load (if you don’t know, call your local building department)
  6. Decide if you want to attach a system with screws, adhesive, or seam clamps.
  7. Determine your roof pitch

The next step is to visit www.SpacingTool.com for a free layout based on your project specific data.  The layout of the snow guards on the roof is the most critical element in the entire system.  A reliable layout will have multiple staggered rows of guards, with each guard mounted in the center of the panel valley where the snow and ice actually moves.  The website will only show you the snow guards that will work properly on your panels based on the information you provide.


Following the layout and installation instructions will eliminate the most common problems and guarantee lifetime performance of your snow guards.

We have spent 35 years perfecting our layouts and were the first to have made the estimating software free to the public at www.SpacingTool.com.  A custom layout will be emailed to you showing the exact recommended placement and parts list needed for your project.

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