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5 Things You Should Know About Snow Guards

5 Things You Should Know About Snow Guards

1. There is no such thing as a standard layout for Snow Guards.    The most common cause of failure is insufficient layout.  A proper layout usually consists of multiple staggered rows spaced evenly up the slope, this is the best strategy to control sliding snow and ice.  All projects should begin by obtaining a manufacturer’s layout based on project specific data.  The roof panel type, attachment method, ground snow load, and roof dimensions should all be factored into the calculations.  We provide free layouts at
2. Snow Guards are available for nearly all roof types.   Most metal roofs need snow retention systems, but so do membranes, TPO, shingles, slate, etc.  There are various solutions out there to control sliding snow and ice on all roofs, we have a complete line of solutions to retrofit almost all roof types.
3. Snow guards don’t void metal roof warranties.   A properly installed snow guard system is safe for factory finished metal roof panels.  The special snow guard adhesive we use has been lab and field tested for over 25 years and is proven safe.  The use of adhesives and sealants should not have adverse effects on factory finished metal panels.

4. Snow guards should be mounted in the center of the panel.   The most efficient snow guard system is consisted of guards that mount in the center of the panel.  If there is a minor rib in the center, then we suggest you select a snow guard with a minor rib straddle such as the IceJax I.
5. Exposed fastener screw down panels have 3 attachment options and Standing Seam panels have 2 safe attachment options.  Exposed fastener panels such as the popular 9″ r-panels can be protected with glue down, screw down, or a screw down bracket bar systems.  Hidden fastener Standing Seam panels can be protected with a glue down snow guard system or a bar system mounted with seam clamps.

If you have questions about your roof, call us at 800-766-5291.  One of our design techs will help you determine the best product to solve your problem.

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