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SnowCatcher ATI Test Results

The SnowCatchers are  field proven snow guards made of 16g 304 stainless steel.  They are attached with 2 horizontally placed screws and provide tremendous holding strength and superior corrosion resistance.  This product may be ordered in mill finish or powder coated to match your roof panels.  As with all SnoBlox-SnoJax products, it is made in America, by American workers, using American materials!

The forward mounted face is 4” wide and was recently tested from 3,900lbs to up to 4,366lbs at ATI testing labs in York, PA.  The only failure observed was the method of attachment.  The SnowCatchers come with 1/16″ thick adhesive backed V742 CCF PVC foam sealer base pad.

This photo shows the Fleur De Lis being tested to 4,128 lbs before the screws failed   

SnowCatcher Test
The Maple Leaf Decorative SnowCatcher after being subjected to over 4,300lbs without failing.  Once again, the guard was proven to be stronger than the attachment method.
SnowCatcher Test

This final image shows all five SnowCatcher test panels after testing the snow guards.  The test results speak for themselves!  Incredible strength and zero failures!
SnowCatcher Panels

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